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Pregnancy is one of the major causes of stretch marks; however, they may also appear when weight is gained quickly or other times when the skin stretches rapidly. It is quite natural to have stretch marks, but because most women do not like to have them, there are tons of products on store shelves dedicated to their cure. The problem with having so many products available to try is that there is no way to know if they work.  Ultimately, the most important questions to all of us are how to prevent more stretch marks from occurring and what can we do about the ones we already have?

How to prevent stretch marks

Studies have suggested that moisturizing regularly during pregnancy will reduce the likelihood of developing stretch marks. Skin that is well moisturized becomes more elastic and is, therefore, less likely to develop stretch marks. During pregnancy, moisturize your body three times a day with lotions that have shea or cocoa butter, and especially target the areas where you are more likely to develop stretch marks, such as your stomach, breasts, and buttocks. During pregnancy, stretch marks are inevitable, so when those marks are initially noticed, they need to be heavily moisturized so that their appearance is minimized goji original avis.

Needless to say, stretch marks will never go away completely. The best we can do is prevent them as much as possible and try to reduce the appearance of the ones we already have. Stretch mark visibility will likely be evident no matter what we do. The best thing we can do for those stretch marks we already have is to try to lessen their visibility.

Diet impact on stretch marks

Your likelihood of developing stretch marks might be dependent on your diet. While this idea needs to be further researched, eating moisture-rich foods may contribute to your ability to minimize stretch marks. A healthy diet may make your current stretch marks less noticeable.

Treatments for stretch mark

The skincare market is saturated with products that claim to rid the body of stretch marks. So how many of those products do what they claim? Save your money and research the ingredients in a product before you buy it because few of these products work. For a great useful resource of information, take a look at this particular best stretch mark cream post. One ingredient that you want to look for is glycolic acid, which seems to increase your body’s production of collagen. Another ingredient that seems to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks is Vitamin C and seems to be particularly beneficial when combined with glycolic acid crema de caracol.

If your stretch marks seem to persist and are causing you considerable anguish, consider going to your dermatologist’s office for laser treatment. Laser treatment that targets stretch marks can dramatically reduce the appearance of these marks but does have a considerable downside. The price, at upwards of a thousand dollars, is beyond what many people can afford.

If stretch marks are a problem for you, remember that you can always take steps toward reducing their development and appearance. Realize that you will likely always be able to see your stretch marks, although you can make them less visible.

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