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After I stopped smoking I started to put pounds on. I have tried loads of diets and what I like about the Dukan Diet is that you can eat some foods as much as you like and combine work and dieting without trouble.

Dieters might wonder what are the Dukan diet side effects before they occur. The truth is people who have been following Dukan diet for weight reduction have seen a considerable loss in their body weight.

Dukan diet: how much weight loss?

As per the plan you can expect to lose up to 7 pounds per day in 5 days since the time you started the plan. Although it sounds very exciting there are certain side effects too, which should be given due consideration before jumping in.

Critics of the Dukan diet state that the diet plan must include the intake of daily multivitamins which are essential for the body although the experts think that multivitamins cannot alone replace the nutritious which is obtained only from fruits, fats and other whole grains.

Dukan diet nutrition

Although there are certain side effects it should also be noted that if the plan is followed properly as per the instructions then these side effects can be minimized to a large extent. The Dukan diet plan is extremely popular and successful in France and has been gaining popularity worldwide ever since its inception. All those people who have followed the plan properly always recommend it to others as well.

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